Space, the final frontier... You can't imagine the sheer amount of items people lose.

 Kid, you've been hired as the face of our Space & Found store, equipped with a mostly not old Alien Translator! Just listen to the client's requests and return the lost items to their proper owners. If you need more tips just ask them, but their patience will run thin. Finally, we run a tight ship, so make three mistakes and you're fired! Good luck! PS. The Alien Translator may malfunction and jumble some words.... PSS. Oh! And make sure you reject liars, they will keep making-up items to try and fool you


Made by Ivo Capelo ( and Bastafunk (


electricity_zap_spark_28906 @

Chipper Doodle v2 Kevin MacLeod (

Neon Laser Horizon Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

FredokaOne by Milena Brandao  @

VT323 by Peter Hull @


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Very fun and I spent way too much time on it when I was supposed to be doing work lol. Very nice that their speech is actually decipherable, so you can eventually learn which descriptor matches to which type, color, or texture of the item they lost (or "lost" lol). Good job!